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Saturday, 26 September 2015

BBFC: College Lad Jimmy in Serious Trouble - Scene 2 (with Sexual activity)


In Scene two Ricky has also just come home from college and peeps round the door and sees Jimmy laying there half naked and soundly spanked and sobbing his heart out.

He sits to comfort him, running his hand over his friends hair.

Only to find that he is tempted to give the lad a few swats himself, he lands a health slap on the tingling bum of Jimmy making the lad yelp nicely, as his ass is already tender from his previous spanking.

This turns on Ricky and he soon has his large dick in one hand and is spanking Jimmy with the other. Ricky has the same approach as before and swaps between the paddle, cane and strap, to keep Jimmy yelling while playing with his dick and starting to strip off.


He makes Jimmy take a mouth full of dick and slaps him around the face as he sucks it. Then he  throws Jimmy down for some more spanking. 

This goes on until Ricky cannot hold back any more and fucks the well spanked lad, spanking him as he does so.


Finally dumping his load on Jimmys ass he rubs it round and a final wet handed swat and leaves the poor guy wondering if smoking is really worth it


The clip is being offered in 3 versions. A full clip 32 minutes long, a spanking only part and a sex and spanking part so fans can choose the right part for them 

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sting CFNM - Don't Mess With Miss

Introducing Sting Pictures first venture in to CFNM discipline stories. They say that they had to start somewhere, even in a small way but this college days episode with M. Cassidy and young Mark Lewis seemed a good place to start.

Barry Smith (Mark Lewis) has been sent to do detention. It just so happens that the teacher in charge is Miss Cassidy. Being a hyped up young lad Barry gets more than just a little bit frisky and starts to play with himself under the desk hoping he wont be seen. It's not long however before the eagle eyed Miss Cassidy sees what's going on and the game is up.

Ordered to stand up and report to her he's now going to get his comeuppance for such gross misbehaviour!

Embarrassing or not this boys trousers and underwear are coming down! He needs some firm discipline! First a good bare bottom spanking from the matriarchal Miss.

This is followed by a firm dose of the leather strap. 

Those smooth little rounded cheeks are going to redden up nicely! Is this boy going to spare his rod in future, probably not if he gets sent to Miss Cassidy's detention class again.


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Saturday, 13 June 2015

BBFC: Jimmy breaks down

 This Weekend at British Boys Fetish Club - Jimmy Breaks Down

Well it had to happen, Jimmy pushed Craig just that little bit to far and finds himself dragged into the punishment room.

 Kneeling on the sofa Craig lays into his ass with the cane and the howling lad takes as much as he can before he drops down sobbing. This is just the start though.

 The lads striped ass is next OTK and getting the brush, he is sobbing loudly now, and his ass has a lovely deep bloom to it.

Then the paddle makes its mark

.. and finally the large rubber strap, which hurts like hell.

Left crying his eyes out Jimmy really takes a serious spanking this time

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights