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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Washing Grandma's car

The pictures below are taken from one of the many hilarious and very sexy scenes in "St Dunstan's Soap Opera" from, two handsome young lads, Brad and Scott, have to wash an elderly lady's car whilst in the nude. When they start to fool around they get soundly spanked by the feisty old girl, after which they have to continue their chore with their spanked red bottoms on full display.

Of course, boys will be boys and they soon start fooling around again including using their soapy smacked bottoms to clean Granny's prized automobile. However, their unlucky day soon gets worse and, to their horror and embarrassment, they are spotted by two girls from their school. They try to hide, but there is no hiding place for poor Brad and Scott, who will soon face all sorts of humiliations before they get their clothes back.

St Dunstan's Soap Opera is on of a series of stories from CFNM.Net set at St Dunstan's school, where the girls are in charge and the boys keep losing their clothes and their dignity.

For those who enjoy CFNM (Clothed female / Naked Male) scenarios, with lashings of Male humiliation, together with a health appreciation of the beauty of the naked male, is the very best in the field. It is not cheap, CFNM.Net provide photo-stories mostly taken from their own videos, which can be purchased from, but if you are prepared to pay for quality, they are the best around.

If you like your women tough, and your men bare butt and nervous, is highly recommended.

So far the St Dunstan's stories are only available as Photo Stories but the videos will hopefully be released at shortly.

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Anonymous said...

This set is truly delightful. Thanks so much for posting it

ptramana said...

These pictures from are fantastic. It's a pity there's not more of such material freely available.

Bruce said...

Unfortunately if it was freely available it wouldn't get made.

Frank said...

Gosh, for a few awful moments there, I thought the fat, frumpy harridan was Ann Widdecombe.

Anonymous said...

All of those pictures of the boys moving around with their spanked-butts on full display after were so hot!

Fábio said...

this is very shameful! and delicious too....

Böser-Bube said...

Sehr Geile Bilder.

Da würde ich auch mal ein Auto


Anonymous said...

Those boys can wash my Caddy anytime.

Anonymous said...

Since in real life they would have been arrested---far better to get paddled bare by grandma! It was a funny set of pics--thanks to the author