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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

PhotoShopped by Mark - Attitude adjustment

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Böser-Bube said...

So kannste mich auch mal nackt
aus ziehen.
Und was kommt danach ??

Anonymous said...

j'ai reçu ce soir la même punition :
déshabillé, slip baissé puis fessée tout nu devant cinq personnes.

Anonymous said...

Our mom paddled us boys til 15-I am sure--and sometimes together--but she never took our pants down like this pic--When it was each brothers turn--we just turned away from her barred our butts and bent over the ewnd of our bed arms down on the bed and ass our there to get paddled--and even in teen yrs she mnade it hurt and God knows we deserved it! She was a saint!

Anonymous said...

there is know alternative to most situations that require some one to get a spankingSince Bare Ass is the general Norm most issues around modesty aren't considered important In my view if a spanking is necessary for the older Teenager the whipping should be done by a male Spanker If more than one is to get Spanked even if they happen to be Brothers it's important to have some dignity and privacy to the situation so it should be one at a time It's important that the Spankee be prepared to Assume the Position.?Generally they is little need for Dialogue as time for talking is over .TheStrap and or The paddle does the talking now

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anonymous- July 2012 In my view if a spanking is going to occur the norm is Bare Ass so there should be no need for any spanker to have mess with anybody pants In cases where jockey pants remain on the spankee should Know that he needs to take them down before the spanking can begin .No way should any Spanker have to mess with onesJockey shorts