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Saturday, 10 December 2011

CFNM.Net - "Train my Husband"

This is Bryan a very arrogant, spoilt and selfish  young husband who mistreats his wife and is about to get a well deserved comeuppance played out in an imaginative and very erotic collaboration between two websites, and Straighthell
The story Starts on  At the end of her tether, his wife Elaine has managed to persuade a reluctant Bryan to attend marriage guidance counselling. Little does he realise that this is a lot more involved than a simple chat. Indeed, the service that Elaine is pinning her hopes on uses some very unorthodox methods to bring harmony to an unhappy marriage.

Bryan finds the whole thing embarrassing and humiliating, he just wants it over and done with as quickly as possible. However, it's far more serious than he realises - if he doesn't do exactly as the hard-faced trainers say, he could end up in prison!

The two men look very serious and very scary

When Elaine leaves him in their care his stomach churns at the thought of what they may do to him. Two weeks is a very long time.

The story then moves on to Straighthell where Bryan then has to undergo a rigorous training program which only the guys at know how to inflict.  (Click here to view video trailers covering the straighthell section of the story at the Straighthell Videos blog) 

It is two weeks later, and, back at, Bryan's wife is delighted to see how well Bryan has been trained. In tyhis scene Elaine and two of her friends watch in delight as Bryan obediently takes a sound spanking and paddling from the two male instructors. 

The women check how warm Bryan's spanked bottom feels

Elaine decides he needs a more severe spanking

So now he receives a hard paddling from the other instructor

This arrogant young husband has been soundly put in his place!


UPDATE: StraightHell is now Breederfuckers

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Anonymous said...

Wow this got me rock hard and my wife thought it was funny

Anonymous said...

Adrian is just the sexiest spanker ever

Anonymous said...

:) - Ali

Anonymous said...

I think Adrian is a very hot spanker I love him in a suit spanking Bryan I find Bryan hot as well.