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Friday, 9 March 2012

Franco - In Front of Uncle Harry

I think Uncle Harry enjoys what he sees!!

The Boys and Mom

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Anonymous said...

We were a big family of boys growing up in the fifties and sixties---Mom paddled our bare butts if it was something serious--not frequent but it happened even up to 15+ for all of us--We were big boys but never questioned mom's right ot paddle us bare--It hurt plenty even at 15! We must have looked something like this pic--except we did not have the prominent butts --we had 'average butts' so to speak---but a paddling hurts an average butt plenty!

Anonymous said...

No one can make a male butt look better than franco---Are there other places one can see more of his spank pics? thanks

Bruce said...

There is a Franco Fan group at Yahoo Groups where Franco's work is posted. Here is the link:

dave b said...

To 1st guy: How did you feel having to show your naked butt to your mom at 15 and then get it spanked bare? Did she see your penis also? It strikes me as too humiliating---Other guys agree??

Anonymous said...

To Dave----Thanks for the comment-I will try to answer your question- I felt like any guy getting his bare butt paddled--I hated it cause ir was going to hurt and moreover, since our mother was such a great mother--and did about a million things to make us happy---I felt very guilty that she needed to paddle me---there were lots of apologies to mom when any of the boys got paddled paddled----Since it had always been that way--It was not a big deal about embarrassment---that sounds unbeleivable to guys growing up today but that is how it was in that era----I was over her knees I think when I pulled my undewear down--at least most of the time--If she did get a fleeting glimpse of my penis--it did not matter--Mom had a sort of dispensation about those things--