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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Naughty Boys and Strict Women - Some new F/M images by Franco

 Poor Little Man!

Up in the Air

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Anonymous said...

I love these Matrons and Haridans warming men's asses! How about a Mother-in-Law punishing her son-in-law in diaper position?!?

Anonymous said...

I believe that when a young man needs- a dose of tStrap&Paddle it should be done in private and only a male should be the spanker .There are many reasons for this but. In my view Females have no place when iIt comes to corporal punishment its a man thing and it needs to be carried out by them I have known situations where Females have observed thereSons getting spanked however I don't agree with this especially when it comes to teenagers

Anonymous said...

Regarding a Mother inLaw punishing her son in law in the diaper position -In my view this is far from necessary When it comes to any kind of punishment it's meant to be a. Serious matter and Mother i lwas have no place in this When it comes down to corporal punishment for Adults one needs to carefully look at the reasons fort this

Anonymous said...

I find this thread fascinating. At 20newly married I was given a very serious spanking from my wife’s was humiliating and painful