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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Temporary Replacement for JockSpank

This blog is being used as a temporary replacement forJockSpank, which can not currently be accessed. 

What has happened is that Blogger's "Automated Classification System" has incorrectly classified JockSpank as a Spam blog, and, therefore, it has been disabled.

Here is a definition of a Spam blog, which is clearly not what JockSpank is   however, the fact that we have so many links back to the commercial studios who's work we post, can, I am told, cause these types of false positive results when dealing with an automated system, manned by robots

We have appealed against this classification and asked that a human being review the blog so that they can determine that it is not a spam blog, and then reinstate JockSpank. However, I have no idea how long this could take.

Some of you may recall this is the second time this has happened to JockSpank, we had a similar problem in September 2009, and successfully appealed against the classification. (However, that took a month) Which is one reason why this is so annoying that it has happened again.

In the meantime, we have a lot of stuff which we were planning to post over Christmas, and we therefore be posting them here. 

Please let your friends know where we are


If anyone has come to JockSpank II looking for its usual content, this has been temporarily removed and it will reappear as soon as the original JockSpank has been reinstated.


Anonymous said...

That's just a pain all the works you guys out in each day isn't fair to your users too. Lets protest lol :)

Young french fan said...

I love you all.
Thanks you for ensuring the replacement even now that Jockspank is down !
I can go on read my favourite blog daily :)

Anonymous said...

Google should look at blogs before shutting it down esp for us horney devils who like to visit this blog often and see what new contents out and I like that I can backtrack on this blog too to see older content but now I can't do that thanks google! Well let's hope Ward and Bruce go all power rangers on them. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Did the same thing happen to Leather Strap because it just disappeared about 30 days before you???
I really miss both of you and was glad to hear you are working on coming back.

Bruce said...

No, I think the situation was different with Leather Strap, I believe in that case the blogger himself decided to move on.

JockSpank is now back, as you can see by clicking here: