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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Spanked By a Hollywood Goddess

Roger Herren gets a spank from Raquel Welsh in a scene from Myra Brekinridge

Roger Herren who played the unlucky Rusty Godowski was extremely cute but sadly retired from movies after making this film


swatter said...

Ha ha! I remember that movie. I heard it was responsible for ruining both of their movie careers. This was, after all, 1970 and such things just "weren't done" in those days!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Bruce said...

Hi Swatter

You are right it was not well received at the time. However, more recently it has become quite a cult classic.

Raquel's career did recover to some degree, but Roger Herren never made another film.

Anonymous said...

Roger Herren did in fact make a film or two more. Raquel Welch made a LOT more, and her career was not ruined, but Roger's was. The film was very badly adapated from a 'tongue in cheek' novel written by the late Gore Vidal. The Director chosen had never made a film in his life but had become famous singing a pop song called 'Come Outside'
From The Retired Headmaster.

Bruce said...

Good evening Retired Headmaster

Yes you are certainly right about Raquel Welsh, who has made many films since then and is, I believe still working, despite being around 70.
I am pleased to hear that Roger made more movies,, his Internet Movie Database bio ends with Myra Brekinridge.

I wish they would do a remake with a better director, as I enjoyed the book - especially the medical scene.

However, I guess the story is "of it's time" and would not work in 2014.

Anonymous said...

The director was Michael Sarne and this movie was his first and last

Anonymous said...

Director Michael Sarne never directed another movie