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Friday, 30 September 2016

Franco Fem Dom Fiesta (part 1)

 Who wants to suggest the story behind this image?

Some Feisty ladies and Unlucky Lads by Franco

Coming Next – Franco's Nun Story


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the nun story!!!

cadrunne said...

Craig Todd, my step-Dad (single, 31 years old) got laid off from his construction job, we probably would have been alright with a good budget and restricted spending but his drinking, partying and gambling, we couldn't cover the rent.
My strict grand parents (his mom and dad) lived about 10 minutes away on a big farm , so we moved there for the summer. He continued partying with his ex-co-workers on a Saturday night and missed church. His buddy Jesse delivered a hung over Craig about 1:30 Sunday afternoon to fuming g-rents. G-mom lite right into him right in front of G-pa (still in his suit from church) me and Jesse (26 year old handsome Hispanic dude with hairy legs). Jesse pardoned himself, attempting to leave, G-mom said "not so fast', "your just as guilty"
Craig you know if you live here you follow the rules, now your buddy will strip you and you will get across my lap!!!

cadrunne said...

Mom left us last year and Craig (I call him by his first name) adopted me.
I'm Chris a 19 year old (6'2", 190 pounds) college wrestler with blond hair just over my ears.
I knew the G-rents were strict because G-pa spanked me back a few years ago. G-moms' hand turned Craig into the yelping teen aged brat that he was with a fire-red fanny.
The look on Jesse' face gave his cool exterior away, he was shocked and excited.
G-mom said, "Jesse, you know you are just as guilty as Craig, your folks don't like you drinking, (even though you are on your own) I either tell your mom or you drop your shorts & undies and lay across Chris' lap for a good spanking"!!! "Please No Mrs. Todd", Then you know what to do", "Yes Mame"
"Chris, I'm leaving you in charge of these two while your G-pa and I go out to dinner". They immediately drove to a local eatery.
"Craig, take off Jesse' belt, (I'll take the belt") shorts, undies and both of you bend over the back of the couch (hands on the cushions) with your feet spread far apart."
Next, the ass whipping!!!

cadrunne said...

Before today, I had never seen Craig naked, (or paid attention to his body) now to be partially in charge of his and Jessies' behavior modification was a huge thrill.
They looked humiliated (red and brown furry, separated cheeks anticipating the punishment to come) Their cocks (Jessies' slightly swollen) balls, and assholes clearly visible. 10 quick strikes per cheek by hand got them ready for the first position change.
I told them to stand, face each-other in front of the couch arm, first with Craig seated, holding Jessies' arms behind his back, straddling Craigs' thighs as he laid back on the couch arm. I figured this would be a highly embarrassing trade off position for their session with the belt. Ordering them to spread their thighs caused several asshole strikes, not to mention swollen dicks having rubbed together from every strike of the belt. Fifty to seventy strikes later, with hands behind their heads, noses against the wall, they stood in the only available corner when the G-rents returned from dinner.
They were promised more of the same, if their behavior did not change!!