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Friday, 17 March 2017

Franco: Fem Dom

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Corriea said...

3/21/17 9:18p Jock Spank II Governess Thorne and Uncle OTK Nephew Watches
My Nephew knew something odd strange was going
on at my Estate.
My Father left all duties and decisions regarding
my well being to my Governess Thorne. Her name was appropriate.
Mrs. Thorne appeared to be soft spoken and even docile.
Appearances can be deceiving.
I had decided at 21 to travel and get away from
the Strict confines of the Estate.
I came back to the Estate on a permanent basis
after my 26th B'Day!
To say Thorne was Strict when I was younger.
Yes She was very much so!
I was punished quite a lot when I was younger even at
age 20 Thorne was fierce.
She Spanked me many times as I reached Manhood.
I met my Nephew on one of my Trips to Europe.
He was wild and gregarious.
Where I was reserved.
I did not invite him to the Estate.
He was there uninvited!
I didn't know was that this all planned by Mrs. Thorne.
I my nephew was invited by Mrs. Thorne
to witness my total humiliation.
I was stripped Naked in the Secret Spanking Room.
While Mrs. Thorne placed me OTK and then
she whaled on my Bare Butt.
My Nephew watched this with Intense interest.
He was aroused by this scene.
He was the who caused the trouble so got
blamed and punished!
If I didn't Behave I would be punished and
denied any freedom!
I was 6 years older than my Nephew.
Here I was Naked while my nephew was amused!
The end was a shocker!
My Nephew came into my Room later.
He had his way with me.
He Oiled my Sore Butt.
Then he Fucked me!
He became the Master of the Estate!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a short story, and it fit so well. You actually took it one step farther as I imagined the scene when I made the image. Bottoms up

Corriea said...

3/23/17 1:16a Jock Spank II Franco 1928 Pic Uncle Spanked
Thanks for the Great Pic Franco!
This is an exceptional depiction of a very handsome Man
getting a total Bare Ass and Body Spanking!
Your Pic is a wonderful B/W Image taking place in 1928.
That made it very comfortable and exciting for me
to add the Text to the Pic!
I wrote it!
I don't get to read it until it's
been approved by the Moderator!
I had no idea it was that long!
Whew! It was Fun!
I was staring at the Pic a lot!
What a Man!
The fact he was older and not a boy was just right!
I was eager to take him down the Right Path.
I would be the Witness but more likely the Spanker!
He probably is a British Lord or Duke.
The Time Period of 1928 would allow someone like
him to be punished.
I would love to see more of him!
Thanks Again!


Anonymous said...

Greetgins Corriea

Doing spanking art, or just erotic art via the method of photo manipulation and using "pieces parts" of three d work found on the web is fun, but it also can be tricky and time consuming. Still I like it more than drawing. I drew with lead pencil for so many years and got totally, absolutely burned out. This method requires having a base image to build from and modify. F/M spanking has always been a unique, yet powerful niche for me, and Ward from Jockspank has been so open and encouraging, and I appreciate him so much. I have enjoyed how you have got into my mind, the things that tickled me in this concept, and then came through in the end. You got what I was trying to do, your comments were like icing on the cake. I would love to talk/write to you sometime about this subject, if you are interested. Meanwhile thanks again and bottoms up