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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Franco Nun Story

A celebration of the incredible Fem Dom Imagery of the Artist Franco, this time focusing on nuns disciplining handsome young men.

In some instance the artist has experimented with the same images in an effort to achieve the most satisfactory picture, in those case both versions have been included below.

We can only guess what sins this naughty but handsome youths have committed to induce the Holy Sisters to punish them in this manner. However, we can certainly enjoy these young men's discomfort and embarrassment as the ladies spank away! 


Anonymous said...

Great work Franco!

Corriea said...

3/23/17 6:52p Jock Spank II Franco Super Nuns
Franco: These Nuns have such Power over these
Muscular Young Men.
What did they do to deserve this?
Besides being so Freakin' Sexy!
With their Hard Solid Ass Cheeks to Spank!
How is it that these Old Nuns have such
Strength to Overpower these Studs!!
Maybe they are Not Nuns but Priests
disguised as Nuns?!
Why do you keep Spanking me Father?!
Stop your whining unless you want even more of
a Red Sore Butt!
Isn't this enough?!
Father adjusted his Hard Dick!
He wasn't through with this Ripe
Stud by any means!
Handsome Lad knew it wasn't over yet!
He hated being Naked and Spanked by the Father!
He felt the Father's Powerful Hard Dick
pressing against his own growing Cock!
He never expected this outcome.
The Father had changed into Horny Bastard!
The Stud realized the Father was taking
this Hot scene as far as he could go!
When will I be able do to him what I want to do?!
Yes! Soon very Soon!

Anonymous said...

You've touched on some interesting thoughts, most of which went into the making of these images. The idea that the Nuns are Men, is one that I did not think of. I enjoy your creativity. I wish there was a way to write to you directly so I could tell you what I was thinking. I say this because you are very provocative, creatively with you writing/thoughts.

There will be more nunsense...

Bottoms up

Corriea said...

3/24/17 12:04p Jock Spank II Franco
Franco: I am more than willing to converse in
Private with you about your Images!
I give Ward permission to allow you access to
my email address.
More Male Fun!


Ward said...

Hi Corriea

I am afraid that Blogger does not give me the ability to view your e-mail address, but if you send it to me at I can pass it on to Franco for you